Life Altering Technology in 2016

With 2016 literally just days away, we’re getting excited for all the new technology and gadgetry coming our way in the new year. There is a ridiculous amount of information floating around [...]


gTLDs–Good or Bad?

These days you can get a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) with almost any name. Since the early 2000s, it’s been difficult to get your hands on a decent top level domain (.com, .net, .org). Many [...]


Seven SEO Myths to Drop Altogether by 2016

Today, we here at iDzyns received an email, much like we do every day, about SEO trends and projections for the coming year. Normally I don’t report on them, but this one was a little [...]


Deep Learning AI: Will Games and SEO Best be Handled by Robots?

On Wired.com today was an exceptional article about the rivalry between Facebook researchers and Google researchers to develop the first Artificial Intelligence ‘Go’ Grandmaster. For [...]